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General Shop Policies

We have updated our rules in the shop and we ask that clients to pay close attention to these as most of them are completely mandatory. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please read and Respect our shop policies which are as follows:


#1If you have any symptoms of illness or have been in  recent contact with someone who is ill please cancel your appointment and do not enter the shop. No exceptions

#2 Childrens cut are only from ages 6 to 12 but exceptions can be made for younger kids if they are old and mature enough to sit still and behave without parental supervision for duration of cut as we are asking parents to stay out of the immediate cutting area (please dont hover over us as we work) If your kid can't sit, we wont cut.  No Toddlers or infants sorry.

#3 Please don't come earlier than 5 minutes before appointment but do not be late at all as we are very limited in time with you to perform services. If you are late you might not receive your service.

#4 Please try NOT have product in your hair when you come to the shop, please wash and dry your hair before coming if possible

#5 We require 2 hours notice to cancel your appointment or we will have to charge you a $15 rebooking fee the next time you come in if you cancel within 2 hrs. If you dont show up and dont call to let us know that you aren't coming you will be charged a $20  No-Show fee the next time you come in. If you don't show up a second time without calling you will be banned from making appointments at the shop. Please don't waste our time and we won't waste yours.


#6 Verbal and or physical abuse towards Barbers or other clients will not be tolerated and will result in an instant permanent ban from the shop.This is the most important rule for us so please be patient with us and show us respect and care which we will return to you.

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